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We offer rattlesnake avoidance training for dogs, horses, llamas and goats! Check out our clinic schedule to see which clinic you should attend.

Our clinics begin in March and end at the end of October. To sign up for one of our clinics go to our "Sign Up for a Clinic" page and select the clinic you would like to attend. 

Singleton's Rattlesnake Avoidance Training
We are now using the most advanced training system available!
A snakebite to a human or a dog is a costly emergency; it can cost $4,000 or more to save a dog and $150,000 or more to save a human. Protect your family by training your pet today! 
We use live, un-caged rattlesnakes at each of our Scenario Stations to train your pet to avoid the sight, sound, and smell of rattlesnakes. We milk and double-muzzle our snakes for the protection of all during the clinics, and remove the muzzles at the end of each clinic day. 
Your pet will receive a minimum of 21 exposures to live rattlesnakes, and you will be allowed to participate so that you can learn to recognize what your pet’s unique warning system is. 

Do you know how your pet will respond?

Will your pet… 
Lock up?
Throw you under the bus?
Become your hero?
Avoid by jumping wildly on your backside?
Allow his obedience to override his instincts?
Or tuck tail and try to run?
Take advantage of this rare opportunity and see how your pet responds to the sight, sound, and smell of rattlesnakes.




*Beginning October 14th, 2012

What makes us your best choice?
Karen Singleton has been training dogs since 1977! She has trained thousands of dogs during that time, and still seeks to improve her techniques as new research and knowledge become available!

Carl Person has been working with reptiles, specifically venomous snakes since 1978! He is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Loma Linda University where he is studying rattlesnake speciation, behavior and morphology.

Gerad Fox has worked with various animals for most of his life. He is also a current Ph.D. candidate at Loma Linda University where is is studying scorpions. He also is the primary reptile caretaker for the university.

The qualifications of our team give us tremendous insight on the behaviors of both the dogs and the snakes! We bring locality specific snakes so that your pet is training for the snakes it will actually encounter. The course begins with a gestalt experience of a large rattlesnake. The next station is a baby (or small) snake. This is a very important station! The dogs must learn to be cautious at all times! The next two stations separate scent and sound. Separation at these sites is also crucial for training, as the dog may not see the snake in time, but with their keen nose and ears, they can still avoid danger! 

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